The first deer were introduced to Australia in 1803. We take our name from this date. My family has sustainably and ethically farmed red deer on rolling pastures near Orange, Central NSW for almost 35 years.

1803 is committed to a traditional nose-to-tail philosophy and a spirit of collaboration. We work with talented Australian artisans to use our deer antlers and hides which are the natural bi-products from our family deer farm and venison processing operations.

The 1803 collection is all about the sort of natural elegance that comes
from pursuing what is simple and authentic.

In everything we make there’s an integrity that we are really proud of as we improve sustainability, reduce waste and celebrate the beauty of all things deer. Our artisans keep processing to a minimum, so that every 1803 knife, leather, suede and antler design is rendered unique by the character of the natural materials. No two pieces are the same, which is exactly how it should be.